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Feb 2018


Lane Events Center 796 W 13th Avenue Eugene , Oregon 97402
Tel: (541) 682-4292
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Oregon Logging Conference (OLC) - 80th Annual






- $95


Event Overview:

The Oregon Logging Conference has been in existence since 1938. The Oregon Logging Conference is one of many regional logging conferences and associations that meet annually within the United States and British Columbia. Representatives from the Oregon Logging Conference also participate in the Pacific Logging Congress which is an umbrella conference to the regional conferences.

Attendee Information:

Plan to attend the 2018 Oregon Logging Conference as we celebrate our 80th Anniversary.   Every year manufacturers and dealers around the world exhibit the latest technology at the largest inside and outside equipment show west of the Mississippi. Plan to attend the “power packed” educational opportunities including; keynote speaker, What’s New In Logging panel session, business seminars and outside hands-on training seminars. Earn as many as 11 professional logger credits in just two days when attending the program and seminar sessions!

  • Plan to Attend the 2018 Oregon Logging Conference! Register Now!
  • REMEMBER! Registered Companies Will Receive 2 Credits Toward Their Professional Logger Certifications for Attending the Equipment Show!
  • The 2018 Oregon Logging Conference Registration Details will be posted in early September.
  • Participate in hands-on training seminars
  • Earn as many as 11 professional logger credits / 8 SAF-CFE credits.
  • View the latest technology in logging and construction equipment on display inside and outside at the Lane County Fairgrounds.
  • Network and socialize with forestry professionals from around the world.
  • Plan to enter the 9th Annual Log Loader Competition – Friday and Saturday of the Conference. Click here to download the 2018 Log Loader Competition Entry Form
  • Largest Logging Equipment Show West of the Mississippi!
  • Equipment Show Hours – Thursday & Friday 8am – 5pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm


Feb 22   
7:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Registration - Main Convention Center Lobby – Sponsor: Rotobec - Yellow Area on Map
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. Equipment Displays Open
7:00a.m. - 8:00a.m. Opening Session Breakfast - Wheeler Pavilion – Sponsors: Peterson CAT & Caterpillar
Ticket included with paid registration – Orange Area on Map
8:00a.m. – 11:00a.m. Opening Prayer: Kirk Luoto, Cross and Crown, Carlton, Oregon
Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Auction: Auctioneer Jaime Yraguen, Basco Logging
Call to Order: Wheeler Pavilion - 2 PL Credit
Welcome: Kari Westlund, President, CEO, Eugene Convention & Visitors Bureau
Greetings: Jeff Wimer, 2018 President, Pacific Logging Congress
Program Update: Jim Dudley, 1st Vice President, Oregon Logging Conference
President's Address: Rick Kriege, 2018 President, Oregon Logging Conference
Oregon State University Forestry Program Update: College of Forestry, Oregon State University,
Keynote Speaker:  Kathy Abusow, President & CEO, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.
9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m.  Chainsaw Wood Carver – Outside Demonstration Area
10:00a.m. - 1:00p.m. Elementary School Education Tours, Presented by: Oregon Logging Conference, Oregon
Women in Timber and Forests Today and Forever
11:00a.m. – 12:00p.m. Hands On Seminar 1 – 1 PL Credit - Outside Display - Red Area on Map
“Log Roll Out – Log Defects and the Result in Products”
The presentation will review and show examples of logs with manufacturing defects and naturally ccurring defects that effect log quality and end product quality. End product examples that relate to the log defects will also be shown.
1) Jayme Dumford, Swanson Bros., Lumber, Noti, Oregon
2) T.J. Hammerschmidt, Swanson Group., Glendale, Oregon
12:00p.m. - 1:00p.m. Free Time to View Equipment Displays
1:00p.m. Meeting Called To Order - Wheeler Pavilion
1:30p.m. Operators of the Year Presentation – Oregon Department of Forestry
2:00p.m. - 3:30p.m. Better Ideas / New Technology - 1 OPF Credit - Orange Area on Map Moderator: Terry Mann, LL Forestry, Sutherlin, Oregon
1) SmartFlow – New Crane Control Technology
Dave Wellman, Dist. Sales Mgr., Western NA, Komatsu North America
2) Technology in Yarder Based Mechanical Harvesting Dale Ewers, New Zealand Logger, Falcon Forestry Equipment
3) Kespry Drone and Technology Integration in Product Design of Forest Equipment Matt Flood, Product Manager for John Deere ForestSight
Christopher Hardwood, Engineering Manager, John Deere
4:30p.m. - 6:30p.m. Sawdust Bowl "Hosted Beer & Wine – Performance Hall, Convention Center Sponsors: Ritchie Bros Auctioneers and Carson
Feb 23   
7:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Registration - Main Convention Center Lobby – Sponsor: Rotobec - Yellow Area on Map
8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. Equipment Displays Open
7:00a.m. - 8:00a.m Hosted Breakfast - Wheeler Pavilion – Sponsor: Pape Group Ticket included with paid registration - Orange Area on Map
8:00a.m. Oregon Logging Conference Foundation Auction: Auctioneer Jaime Yraguen, Basco Logging
9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Chain Saw Wood Carver –- Outside Demonstration Area
8:30a.m. - 11:30a.m. Oregon Forest Practices Seminar - 3 FP Credits - Wheeler Pavilion – Orange Area on Map
Moderator: Bodie Dowding, ODF, Salem, Oregon
1) “How the Forest Practices Act (FPA) Changes”
Lena Tucker, Division Chief, ODF Private Forests
2) “Update: ODF on Steep Slope Logging”
Josh Barnard, Field Support Manager, ODF
How the Forest Practices Act adapts with new equipment and capabilities.
3) “Adaptive Management Reflected in New Rule Changes”
Jennifer Weikel, ODF Private Forests Wildlife Biologist.
How the new Bald Eagle rules reflect adaptive management concepts of FPA.
4) “Agency Overview of the New Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Rules”
John Krause, ODF Stewardship Forester
An ODF Explanation of new salmon, steelhead, and bull trout rules.
5) “Industry Implementation of the New Salmon, Steelhead, and Bull Trout Rules”
Paul Betts, Pre-Sales Forester, Miami Corporation Implementation of the new SSBT rules from an industry viewpoint.
6) “Best Management Practices for FPA low compliance areas”
Paul Clements, Compliance and Training Coordinator, ODF Private Forests
7) “Aerial Spraying; Local Politics Driving Statewide Policies”
Katie Fast - Executive Director of Oregonians for Food and Shelter
The politics of aerial spraying and the effects of those politics in Oregon.                        8)"ODF’s Fire Severity Aircraft Program”                                                                                                       Neal Laugle ODF Aviation Unit Manager
ODF’s strategy to fight fires with a focus on fire severity aircraft.
8:30a.m. - 10:30a.m. Washington Forest Practices Seminars - SE Meeting Room Exhibit Hall,
2 WAFP or 2 PL Credit – Blue Area on Map
Moderator:  David  Boyd, Hancock Resource Management, Cathlamet, WA
1) “Policy Challenges and What That Means to You”.
Jenny Knoth, Research Scientist, Green Crow,
2) “Logging in the Black – Post Burn”
Jeremy Grose, SDS Lumber
3) “Challenges of Permitting and Logging in the Black – Post Fire Salvage”
Rohan Theobald, Hancock Forest Management, Colville, WA
10:00a.m. – 11:00a.m. Business Seminar 1 - 1 PL Credit - SW Meeting Room – Exhibit Hall - Green area on Map Mass Timber – Revisit CLT

"The interest in mass timber construction continues to grow. As more testing and engineering is completed to answer questions or concerns coming from the construction and building code sectors, more design/build teams are committing to this incredible building system for new projects. Valerie will give updates on the research results that are increasing the interest in mass timber construction, as well as the current state of the market and thoughts on why this is an exciting time to be in the timber/wood products industry at every level, from the woods to the city."

Moderator: Craig Olson, Weyerhaeuser Columbia Timberlands, Clatskanie, Oregon Valerie Johnson, President, DR Johnson Lumber Co.
11:30a.m. – 3:30p.m.  "OLC" Log Loader Competition – Sponsored by Triad Machinery and Linkbelt - Outside
Display Brown Area on Map – Visit or call 541-686-9191
1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m. Business Seminar 2 – 1 PL Credit -  Wheeler Pavilion, Orange Area on Map
“Rebranding An Industry”
Over the years, loggers have dealt with the repercussions of the general public's misguided
impression of what they do for a living. The tide is shifting! As an industry, we must ride the wave
in an effort to shine a positive light on the timber harvesting professions. Time to change how
people feel about the work professional loggers do, as they risk their lives to maintain one of the
planet's largest carbon sinks! #loggersareheroes
Moderator: Mike McKibbin, Stimson Lumber Co., Tillamook, Oregon
Wendy Farrand, Consultant, Limerick, Maine
1:00p.m. – 2:00p.m. Hands On Seminar 2 – 1 PL Credit – Freightliner NW, Auditorium, Teal Area on Map
“Evergreen and Growing”
This seminar will provide an overview on Freightliner Vocational Trucks and how emission
requirements have changed the product.
Moderator: Travis Myer GM Land and Forest Management, Butte Falls, Oregon
Michael Houghton, Western Region Vocational Sales Manager, Freightliner Trucks
1:30p.m. - 2:30p.m Commercial Thinning Seminar - SE Meeting Rm, Exhibit Hall – 1 PL Credit
Green Area on Map
Moderator: Matt Bliss, Roseburg Forest Products, Veneta, Oregon
1)  “Why Thin? Silviculture Overview, Management Objectives, Economics”
Steve Keniston, Region Forester, Weyerhaeuser
Riley Stephenson, Operation Forester, Starker Forests
2)  “Thinning Techniques: Types of Equipment, Limitations, How to Select an
Equipment Mix, How to Know if You Get a Good Outcome.”
Mark Willhite, Forester – Project Manager, Miller Timber Services.                                                   3) "Markets: Where to Sell CTL Logs, Long vs Short, Pro / Con of CTL Logs”
Steve Keniston, Region Forester, Weyerhaeuser
4) “Manufacturing: Utilization of Small Logs”
Bruce Delicaet, General Manager, Hew Saw US Inc.
3:00p.m. -4:00p.m. Business Seminar 3 – 1 PL Credit - Wheeler Pavilion, Orange Area on Map
“Finding Your Next Foreman”
Foremen are charged with making decisions every day that directly impact a logging contractor’s
business. This presentation will help increase the odds of success when hiring that next foreman.
Learn what to look for, and what to avoid before putting that next person in charge.
Moderator:  Mike McKibbin, Stimson Lumber Co, Tillamook, Oregon
Wendy Farrand, Consultant, Limerick, Maine
2:30p.m. - 3:30p.m. Exhibitor Hands On Seminar 3 - 1 PL Credit – Technical Forest Solutions, Outside display Area
“Logging and Cutting with Winch Assist and Tether Systems – Safety and Site Selection”
Co-Moderator: Frank Chandler and Vince Wilbur, Technical Forest Solutions,, Kelso, WA
1) “New Safety BMP’s (Best Management Practices) for Washington State”. Travis Nailon, Washington Dept. of Safety and Health, Olympia, Washington
This presentation will address Washington State safety regulator concerns / findings and best management practices.

2) “What to Look for on Inspections and Safety Standards Around Wire Rope and Rigging”
Brett Doyle and Pete Weekley, Woods Logging Supply, Longview, Washington

3) “How the Steep Slope Systems Have Been Implemented on Tree Farms”
Rex Pittullo, Harvest Manager, Weyerhaeuser Company,
This presentation will talk about Steep Slope logging over the past few years. What to look for in selecting a winch assist site…what works and what doesn’t work.
4:30p.m. - 6:00p.m. Sawdust Bowl "Hosted Beer & Wine" Performance Hall, Convention Center
Co-Sponsors: US Bank Columbia Pacific Region
12:30p.m. - 3:00p.m. LADIES' DESSERTS FOR DREAMS – Charity Event for St Charles Hospice
12th Floor Vista Ballroom, Eugene Hilton
Enjoy Decadent Desserts Donated from area Restaurants and Bakeries
“Support this worthwhile event, enjoy delicious desserts and a 280 degree view from the 12th floor
Vista Ballroom at the Eugene Hilton”
Visit or call 541-686-9191 for more information and tickets.
7:00p.m. – 12:00p.m.  80th OLC Celebration Buffet Dinner & Dance – Playwrights Hall, Eugene Hilton
 Sponsors: Kriege Logging LLC, General Trailer and Peerless Corp.
7:00p.m. – 8:00p.m. Doors Open - Hosted Beer & Wine Tasting
7:00p.m. – 8:30p.m. Buffet
8:00p.m. – 12:00p.m. Dancing to Outlaw Shine
Feb 24   
9:00a.m. - 2:00p.m. All Exhibits Open To Public – Convention Center & Parking Area
Family Fun and Education Activities – Wheeler Pavilion –Sponsor: KEZI TV
Wood Carvers – Outside Demonstration Area
High School Forestry Skills Exhibition - Outside Display Area
Sponsors: Nygaard Logging and Warrenton Fiber
10:00a.m. - 12:00p.m. "OLC" Log Loader Competition – Sponsored by Triad Machinery and Linkbelt - Outside
Display - Brown Area on Map - Visit or call 541-686-9191

Keynote Speakers

Kathy Abusow

President & CEO, Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc.

Under Kathy’s leadership, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Inc. (SFI) has seen forest land certified to the SFI Standard grow to cover more than 250 million acres of North American forests —nearly one-and-half times the size of Texas. She also led the establishment of the SFI Conservation and Community Partnership Grants program. It has awarded more than 60 grants totaling nearly $2 million to fund research and pilot programs to better inform future decisions about forests, contributions from partner organizations bring the investment to more than $7 million.

In 2012, Kathy spearheaded the launch of the SFI Forest Partners Program, along with founding partners Time Inc., National Geographic Society, Macmillan and support from Pearson. The program is increasing the level of forest certification to address the growing demand from corporations seeking low-risk, certified forest products in their supply chains.

Kathy has led and moderated discussions at Fortune Brainstorm Green on themes related to supply chain management and the new economics of land. She has also spoken at RISI’s North American Forest Products Conference on Evaluating the Business Case for Sustainable Practices. She also spoke at The Economist’s World Forest Summit in Stockholm on a panel that addressed illegal logging and timber regulations, as well at as the World Business Council on Sustainable Development's Forest Solutions Working Group.

Kathy earned an undergraduate degree from McGill University and an MA from Harvard University with a concentration in sustainable development of natural resources.


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