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Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania
“Happy at Work - Getting the best from your people and yourself” - Employee enrichment/engagement/performance “Take Charge of Your Destiny - How you can create the ife you were born to live” - Motivation/Life skills “Happy Selling” - How to harness the power of your mind to multiply your sales results - Salespeople/Entrepreneurs/Professionals


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My Expertise

Let one-of-a-kind motivational and business speaker, Jim Donovan, lend his more than twenty years experience to help you make your group's next event truly memorable!

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What I like to talk about

I am passionaite about helping people uncover and tap into the power within themselves and learn how to create the life they were born to live.



My Background

I teach people ways to live more fully, to engage with their life, to have dreams and live them. In short, I teach people how to be happier in all aspects of their life. 

I have delivered seminars and workshops, for more than 20 years. With books translated and published in more than 20 countries, I am considered an authority in the personal development field.

More importantly, I've been there. After my 10 year downward spiral to the bottom, I began studying personal development. That was 30 year ago. 

I've been sharing the ideas that helped me change my life from "Broke to Blessed" for more than 20 years. I know they work. 


“Our company has realized significant revenue and profit growth since you helped us ‘kick start’ our ideas into actions. We are very grateful for that.” Curt Kristjanson, VP Sales, Hermann Warehouse Corp.

“Our organization needed an injection of enthusiasm and fresh perspectives to maintain interest and participation. Jim provided both of those in abundance when speaking at our last quarterly meeting." Thomas A. Kelly, Jr., President, Eastern Meter Management Association


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