NeuroLeadership Summit 2020

  • Sheraton New York Times Square Hotel, New York City, New York
  • Nov 12 - 13, 2020

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Why Attend

About Us

A More Human Organization
Our most pressing issues – from innovation to ethics – turn out to be connected by the common currencies of human behavior.

Organizations need to double down on what makes humans perform at their best, through learning made more social, cultures made more inclusive, voices made more empowered.

Rethink Conferences
Our mission is to create the most brain-friendly conference in the world. In 2016, Inc. Magazine included the Summit in their list of the 10 most innovative of the year.
The Institute has hosted 14 events over 11 years, iterating and experimenting around the question of how to design a conference with participant goals in mind.

We believe a participant’s central goals at conferences are to discover useful new ideas and to create new connections. Because we ground our Summit in the latest neuroscience research, we ensure the format and content is in step with how the brain optimally learns and retains information.

Conference Principles
It turns out that if you apply findings from neuroscience to designing a conference, everyone gets a lot more out of it. Here are four principles of the NeuroLeadership Summit:

Ideas are like food – allow time for digestion
Social experiences are crucial – let people connect more
Do less, but do it really well – less is more sometimes
Work with, not against, the natural flow of energy – we have limits that need to be respected

Who Attends
C-Level Executives
Discover how brain research unlocks new possibilities for dramatic organizational improvement, productivity, and innovation.

L & D Professionals
Learn how to create applicable learning experiences that are powered by a deeper understanding of how the human brain functions.

Talent & HR Professionals
Explore the latest HR trends, best practices, and case studies featuring some of the most influential global organizations.

Transform leaders with science-based approaches for driving performance.

Trainers & Facilitators
Apply what you learn to increase the effectiveness of existing learning initiatives or create new ones.

Leaders & Managers
Leverage brain research to regulate your emotions and influence insight to motivate and create sustainable habits in others.

New York Summit Sessions and Topics

Value the Human
What Growth Mindset is Doing for Organizations
The Impact of Influence
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Driving Behavior Change At Scale
The “Speaking Up” Continuum
Increase Inclusion
Bridge the Gap Between Thinking and Doing
Empathy in Action
Create Clarity
Humanize Performance Management
Strike the Right Balance: When to take risks and when to play it safe
Collaborate Better with Continuous Communication
Overcoming Common Obstacles to Effective Learning
Scale Learning

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Increase your company’s visibility and participate as an official sponsor of the NeuroLeadership Summit. With packages available to fit most budgets, you can build brand awareness with buyers and reach hundreds of HR leaders.

Please review the options below, and to inquire further or proceed with your sponsorship package.

Source : Event Website

Source : Event Website

Future and Past Event Dates

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- Nov 12, 2020
NeuroLeadership Summit 2019 New York City New York verified
- Nov 19, 2019

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